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Wildlife Damage Repair
Virginia Skunk Removal, charlottesville skunk removal, harrisonburg skunk removal, staunton skunk removal, waynesboro skunk removal, fredricksburg skunk removal, richmond skunk removal
Trapping and Removal


Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC is the company to call when you want your wildlife problem solved the right way, the first time. Below is a sampling of the many services that we offer to our customers.


Resolving many nuisance wildlife problems begins with the trapping and removal of the nuisance animal. Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC uses the most modern and humane traps available to perform this service as quickly and safely as possible.




Once the offending animal(s) have been removed, the real solution begins. Eliminating points of entry will help ensure that your wildlife problem doesn't show up again next year. Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC became Virginia Class C contractors so that we could legally and ethically offer these services to our customers. If someone is going to work on your home, you want them to be licensed and insured to perform that work - we are!

Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC has been trained with and untilizes the most state of the art bird control techniques available. We have performed bird control operations for major industrial and retail companies, as well as for many homeowners.

Lots of companies offer bat exclusion, but not many of them have any sort of training in providing such services. Having a bat colony in your home poses significant health risks to you and your family, and it is not the type of problem to trust to untrained companies. Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC has been trained by nationally recognized trainers and is recognized as an Approved Professional Excluder by Bat Conservation International.

Virginia bird control, virginia pigeon control, harrisonburg birds, charlottesville birds, staunton birds, waynesboro birds, richmond pigeon control, fredricksburg starling control
Bird Control
Virginia Bats, charlottesville bat removal, harrisonburg bat control, staunton bats, waynesboro bats, richmond bat removal, fredricksburg bat control
Bat Exclusion and Clean-up
Virginia coyote control, virginia predator control, rockingham coyote control, charlottesville coyote control, richmond coyote control, staunton coyote control, augusta coyote control
Coyote Predation Control

Coyote Predation Control is not a problem that you want to hire out to an inexperienced company. When you are losing your livestock your very livelihood is on the line. In 2008 Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC owner Bryan Nelson took personal coyote instruction from Larry "Slim" Pedersen, a man recognized as one of the best coyote trappers in the United States. We take our coyote control seriously!

At Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC we recognize that many people have extreme phobias of snakes, and we take those phobias seriously. Our technicians are experienced in handling snakes and use modern eqipment and teqniques to remove them from your home safely. We also sell SerpentGuard snake repellent, a repellent that actually works.

virginia snake removal, harrisonburg snake control, charlottesville snake removal, staunton snake, waynesboro snake, richmond snake removal, fredricksburg snake removal
Snake Removal
Virginia mole removal, charlottesville mole removal, harrisonburg mole removal, staunton mole removal, richmond mole removal, fredricksburg mole removal
Mole Control
harrisonburg skunk removal, charlottesville skunk removal, staunton skunk removal, richmond skunk removal, fredricksburg skunk removal
Skunk Removal

Solving your nuisance skunk issue with minimum odor is one of our specialties. Removing skunks odor free requires steady nerves and a great deal of patience - but when the animal is trapped in your window well, or crawlspace, or behind your dishwasher we think it is worth the effort.

Mole control is one of those issues that really doesn't have a long term solution - other than trapping and removal as necessary. We offer mole trapping programs, and also a Do-It-Yourself program where we will teach you the basics and sell you the traps so that you can do the trapping yourself when the problem returns.

Richmond Squirrel Removal
Squirrel Removal
Virginia Beaver Removal
Beaver Trapping & Management

Beavers trapping and management is one of Advantage Wildlife Solutions specialties. Our technicians have decades of experience and have been instructed by some of the best beaver trappers in the nation. Residential, commercial, or industrial we have the knowledge and experience to solve your beaver problem.

Squirrels in your attic can be extremely destructive. They destroy insulation, chew wiring and structural supports, and are often the cause of home fires. Advantage Wildlife Solutions uses state-of-the-art traps and equipment to quickly, safely and humanely solve your nuisance squirrel problems.

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