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Want your wildlife problem solved right?

If so, then you need to hire a professional company that understands that the problem goes beyond catching the squirrel in the chimney, or the raccoon in the attic, or the skunk under the deck. Catching the critter is often the easy part! The problem is, if you don't deal with how the squirrel got in the chimney, or the raccoon got in the attic, or the skunk got under the deck, then it is likely that your problem will return sometime down the road. We choose to offer you SOLUTIONS to your problem, and not just the quick fix of removing the critter.


You get what you pay for!

We aim to solve your wildlife permanently! Unfortunately, the permanent solution is not always the least expensive solution. We are Virginia certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators and we carry a Virginia Class C contractors license as well as being Fully Insured for your protection - these licenses and insurance mean that you have piece of mind when you hire us. We have gotten nationally acredited training so that we can provide you the best solutions available.














Harrisonburg Skunk Removal, Charlottesville Skunk Removal, Fredricksburg Skunk Removal, Staunton Skunk Removal


Most people enjoy wildlife - it's enjoyable to see animals in their natural environment, but when they decide to move into your home it's not so enjoyable! Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC has been helping Virginia residents resolve their nuisance wildlife issues since 2005. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming the best at what we do - solving wildlife problems.

Virginia Bat Removal, Harrisonburg Bats, Charlottesville Bats, Staunton Bat Removal, Waynesboro Bats, Richmond Bats

In 2007 owner Bryan Nelson received bat exclusion instruction from nationally recognized Bats, Birds, and More in Ohio.

Virginia Bats, Harrisonburg Bat Removal, Charlottesville Bat Removal, Staunton Bats, Waynesboro Bats, Richmond Bats, Fredricksburg Bats

We are approved Bat Exclusion Professionals by Bat Conservation International.

Virginia Wildlife Control, Harrisonburg Wildlife Control, Charlottesville Wildlife Control, Richmond Wildlife Control, Fredricksburg Wildlife Control

Owner Bryan Nelson is a Lifetime member of the National Trappers Association.

Advantage Wildlife Solutions LLC

PO Box 257 

Shenandoah VA 22849


Tel:             540-435-4849


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